Spanish Tractor Drivers’ Strike: Road Closures


Spanish Tractor Drivers’ Strike: Road Closures and Forecast for Tomorrow

February 7, 2024

Spanish farmers’ protests against the sector’s crisis and the European Union’s agricultural policies continue on Wednesday, February 7. The main demands include:
    Fair prices for agricultural products
    Aid to mitigate the effects of climate change
    Reduction of bureaucracy

Spanish Road Traffic Status:

    AP-7: Full closure in both directions at Sant Julià de Vilatorta. It is recommended to use the N-II as an alternative.
    N-II: Full closure in La Jonquera towards France. Detours via the A-2 and the AP-7.
    C-17: Full closure in Vic and Manresa in both directions. Detours via the C-25 and the C-153.

    A-4: Full closure in Seville towards Madrid. Detours via the SE-30 and the A-92.
    A-92: Full closure in Malaga and Granada in both directions. Detours via the MA-20 and the GR-30.
    N-340: Full closure in Almería towards Malaga. Detours via the A-7 and the N-340a.

    A-5: Full closure in Badajoz towards Madrid. Detours via the EX-100 and the A-66.
    N-430: Full closure in Cáceres towards Badajoz. Detours via the N-523 and the A-58.

Castilla-La Mancha:
    A-2: Full closure in Guadalajara in both directions. Detours via the N-II and the R-2.
    AP-2: Full closure in Zaragoza towards Madrid. Detours via the N-II and the A-1.

Valencian Community:
    AP-7: Full closure in Alicante towards Valencia. Detours via the N-332 and the A-31.
    N-332: Full closure in Valencia towards Alicante. Detours via the V-30 and the CV-35.

Forecast for Tomorrow:
The protests are expected to continue tomorrow, February 8. Road closures are expected in the same areas as today.

    Avoid traveling by road if possible.
    If you have to travel, check the road conditions before you leave.
    Anticipate possible delays in your trip.

Additional Information:
    Map of closed roads:
Advice for Drivers:
    If you find a road closure, follow the instructions of the Guardia Civil agents.
    Stay calm and do not try to bypass the closure.
    Use the alternative routes indicated.
    Plan for additional travel time.

We will continue to report on the development of the strike.
Extended Information:

Economic Impact of the Strike:
The farmers’ protests are having a significant impact on the Spanish economy. Economic losses are estimated at millions of euros per day. The most affected sectors are transport, agriculture, and tourism.

Political Reactions:
The Spanish government has called for calm and dialogue. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has announced that he will meet with representatives of the farmers to seek a solution to the crisis.

Mobilizations in Other Countries:
The Spanish farmers’ protests are not an isolated case. In recent months, similar mobilizations have taken place in other European countries, such as France, Italy, and Germany.

Future Prospects:
It is unclear how long the Spanish farmers’ protests will last. The Spanish government has announced that it is willing to negotiate with representatives of the sector, but the positions seem to be far apart.