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Stations and charging points for electric vehicles in Europe.

Interactive map with all the charging points for EV and hybrid electric vehicles in Europe.

Search on the map or the point closest to you to be able to recharge your vehicle and continue your route with a full battery.
Locator charging points for electric cars.

How to find a charging point nearby?

Enter the address or the city in our Cargota search engine, and the map will quickly show us the location of the charging station for your car vehicle charging points.
point charging electric car
Types of plugs and connectors for charging cables.  
schukotipo 1tipo 2cssceechademo
Schuko connector Voltage 230 V, Power up to 3.7 kW, AC alternating current, Cable type Mode 2, can be connected to domestic
Sockets Type 1
Connector 220V, AC, 7.4kW, Mode3, Typical on Asian and North American vehicles
Type 2 Connector, Mennekes
Plug At home up to 22kW and at public charging points up to 43kW, 400 V, AC, Mode 3, It is the standard plug in Europe.
CCS Connector, Combo2
Up to 350kW, 400 V and more, AC and DC direct current, cable used only in charging stations, it is a development of type 2
CEE plug, blue/red
Power 3.7/22kW, 230V/400V, Mode2, blue CEE plug also known as camping plug.
CHAdeMO Connector
Power more than 200kW, 300 V and more, DC, only charging stations, used in Japanese vehicles, allows bidirectional charging
Tesla Supercharger Connector
Power up to 250kW, 480V, AC and DC, available only at charging stations, modified type 2 plug.
Each model of electric car has connectors and adapters available to use more types of charging stations.
Where to charge your electric car? add your address you are looking for in the map below and you will have the location of the electric charging station with complete information.