Drive by AP7 or by national N340

With the liberalization of tolls on the Catalan motorway AP7, all vehicles try to travel on this motorway. The traffic has increased exponentially and almost every day there is one or several retentions. The question is it is worth taking ap7 or national n340. Correct answer I tell you my case that I went once to Barcelona from Tarragona by highway and everything went well, without retentions. Back I also took the same highway, it was a Sunday and as soon as I entered from Lloret de Mar I found several retentions of about 10 minutes in each.Then I recommend so that this does not happen to you enter our website in the traffic live section and from there look on the map the route you need to take and see if there are retentions or accident in ap7 and if so there are no I doubt that it is faster to travel by national n340 because it is freer