Diesel has a future or not?


diesel has future
picture motorpasion .com
At this time I can not think of seeing a truck that travels thousands of kilometers a week with an electric battery or a gasoline engine. Everyone talks badly about the diesel that is inflated in the press and some means of communication more. But the truth is nobody he dares to say that diesel engines are enough. Perhaps progressive elimination will be eliminated within a few years but not before gasoline. At a press conference Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner announced the final discovery for the future of diesel engines. That said I want to spread the advance and news of the Bosch company that has already done tests and have managed to pollute much less with diesel engines where they will include this new technology to lower the NOx that is nitrogen dioxide to a very low prociento 13mg / km knowing that currently the pollution limit is 186mg / km and in 2020 the limit will drop to 120 mg / km is a definitive invention for the future of diesel. The invention of the Bosch announces that there is no need for new components for the engines, there will be no price increase in the cars to install new technology.