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  • How to get a transport at a low price? This task is not so complicated today thanks to the transport portals called "freight or transport exchange".You have to send or transport goods or anything, enter and publish for free what you need in the corresponding category on our website and...
  • All the necessary information for transportation companies, transport companies and updated logistics companies on road transport from all European countries. For more information of transport in europa visit; www. iru .org
  • On 19 February 2019, the European Commission and the European Parliament issued a temporary agreement on the limits for CO2 emissions from industrial vehicles. The new legislation on emissions from industrial vehicles has taken a step forward with the interim agreement between the European...
  • Transport portal for users as:carriers,private,companies,factories, transport,logistic. Find a job as a driver with your quick truck thanks to the ads published on our website.Take advantage and send your goods cheap with the best auctioned prices of carriers
  • picture motorpasion .com At this time I can not think of seeing a truck that travels thousands of kilometers a week with an electric battery or a gasoline engine. Everyone talks badly about the diesel that is inflated in the press and some means of communication more. But the truth is nobody he...
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