The transport affected by coronavirus?


Transport is affected by the coronavirus spread? Do you want to know the truth and how to act?

The emergence of thousands of this virus in almost all of Europe,I speak today and hundreds of deaths (I do not enter the polemic with the death of people who are 99 years old ...) transport is NOT affected. that the cure for this virus is also based on moving and sending medicines, products and materials to hospitals and it is difficult to be affected by this category. There could be a decrease in traffic in the areas of Italy where entry and exit have been prohibited in some villages but the minimum service transport type of food and emergency products must always be in operation.
Recommendations for carriers and chauffeurs transiting areas affected by coronaviruses
Drive with caution and always with closed windows
Clean your hands with alcohol gel
Disinfect the interior and cabin of the truck with alcohol-based spray
Always eat using appropriate measures.
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