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Guide to use cargota online platform

Search here for all types of goods and loads to transport it.Publish your shipment of goods,merchandise or any item free of charge and the carriers will be able to contact you to offer you the best price.Opt for your transports using our transport platform and not travel on routes with half load or empty return with van or truck.

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What is it for this plataform web?

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You have heard about the transport of loads,but if you are still new in the world of logistics it is time to learn to know what it is and how to use it.Without going into more detail is a web application where carriers and customers can publish your announcements of offers and demands for transport as announcements on loads ready to send from one area to another.Well in the site we find all types of ads about merchandise that can be transported with the truck or van and the advertisements are divided In several categories.All announces on our transport platform are free.Once the ad is published it will be automatically listed on our website that is designed and optimized to find the carriers your publication.They will find the best load that suits your routes for this offer you the best price compared to directly hire a transport company with an exact route shipping with a punctual date.Remember that in the same route that you need to send a merchandise there may be many carriers going through the same route on a half-empty trip or empty and you can use the space with your cargo at a much lower price than a company dedicated.Logistics or transport companies also use this aplication web for their return loads trips for example or simply to expand their routes and business.

What tools for transport and logistics we have.

tools for carriers and logistic transport
One of the main functions is the grouping of all categories and utilities for transporters to find and post their offers of transport,purchase sale and connect with each other in the same portal.The online platform for the world of logistics makes available to users several methods and utilities to improve your business both with access from desktop and from a smartphone.First we start that the transport portal is designed and prepared to meet all the necessary conditions so that customers and carriers can easily find what each party needs through of the utilities that the online platform provides.The available loads announcements are grouped by corresponding categories where the searches can be ordered through the departure or arrival point,date,type of truck,price and more factors.In the details of the announcements Icons are available to share information in social networks.In the same page we can see the map with the location and the route and the route of the merchandise.One of the most used tools is the calculator of the routes for trucks.This gives us valuable visual information as informative about the departure point and the destination point for the transport route.With this tool we can choose the best route,adapt to our needs that can normally be the fastest route,or the most economical way to reach the destination saving time and money.

Find the load you need for your truck.

loads for transport trucks and carriers
To search and see directly the offers of cargo and merchandise available to send or transport by road in our web portal does not need to be registered, you do not have to pay any monthly fee, it is all free for this operation.You only enter the category of merchandise that you are interested in and the listing will be directly with the available offers at the moment.Here we differentiate ourselves from other pages on the world of transport because we do not waste customers time with registrations or payments and then the client or carrier does not find the offer punctual expected.The loads for trucks or vans are listed directly with small descriptions and photos so that the user can quickly see and choose the most useful and easy information and not waste time.Enter now and look for offers of loads in our research panel.

How to access the details of the client.

view details ads
The access to see details of the advertisers in the plataform account as a telephone number, is conditioned by two factors.First you must be registered,to prevent false contacts between users you must pay a fee representing the service provided by the portal maintenance,expenses.The payment to access the details of the advertiser offers a security and confidence on the interest of the client in contacting and offering their services.It also gives access to the functions and services avansados ​​of our transport loads.

Contact with advertiser of loads or transports.

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Once we have the payment account and we can see the details of users we can contact them through their phone number,email.If the language is different from yours or you are just better to use the messages of our platform that has a direct message system that is available in the control panel of your created account.

Publish your offers loads and transport free.

post your free loads
All the available loads to send or transport them can be published directly without needing payments.You only have to be registered,choose the corresponding category for the and post your merchandise that you need to send,and do not forget to put the details of the ad and write it in other languages ​​so in case of international transport you will have more possibility of finding transporters from other countries.