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Live traffic status by road and motorways for all types of vehicles, trucks, cars, autotilitaries, vans. Live traffic with all incidents on the road throughout Europe. D
irect view of the type of traffic incident such as: accidents, rain, frost, closed road, closed lane, wind, hazards, construction site, detours, fog, traffic jams all thanks to our free application. For a better visual experience we recommend one of the following web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. Search or center the map on the area where you want to know the traffic situation on the road and all the data will appear in the selected route.
There are several websites and applications that provide real-time traffic, road conditions, and incident information. Some popular options include:
  1.     Google Maps: You can check traffic conditions and estimated travel times for your route, as well as view any incidents that may affect your trip.
  2.     Waze: A community-driven GPS navigation app that provides real-time traffic and road conditions, as well as information about accidents, road closures, and police activity.
  3.     INRIX: A real-time traffic and road conditions service that provides information for over 200 countries and territories.
  4.     MapQuest: A mapping and navigation website that provides real-time traffic and road conditions information, as well as alerts about accidents, construction, and other incidents.
  5. A website that provides real-time traffic and road conditions information, as well as incident reports and alternative route suggestions.
These resources can help you stay informed about the current conditions on the roads and plan your trips accordingly, helping you avoid traffic and arrive at your destination on time.