Freight and loads for vans from all Europe.

Loads freight for vans

Loads and freight for vans

Freight exchange and loads for vans from all over Europe. Look here for loads to take with your van and earn more money. Free publications of shipments or loads available only for vans from all over Europe.

Freight exchange of express light transport loads.How to get loads for vans quickly. Send your merchandise or parcel with transport vehicles cheap.
The transport of merchandise, parcels or domestic items of light dimensions is carried by vehicles of smaller dimensions to be able to easily access the sender and the beneficiary of the shipment quickly. Normally these types of transport are done between private individuals, small businesses, commerce electronic and delivery addresses within cities where access with the truck is difficult. In this case the vans perfectly cover the light transport sector.
Find loads for vans
Access to this category and see the offers of loads ready to take them with the car is free and without registration. You can simply see all the available ads and if you are a carrier you can choose the best one suits you and contact the advertiser to close the business or pass it your price offer for the transport service you want to do.
Send or publish your cargo offers
In this category, any individual or company can publish the merchandise, package or any item they need to send free of charge. Once the van cargo offer has been published, carriers with transport vehicles will see the offers. They will be able to contact the advertiser for offer the transport service with its price. The advertiser can choose the carrier with a van that best offers such as: price, delivery time, shipping route.