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Loads for trucks refers to the goods or materials that are transported by a truck. These can be a wide range of items, including raw materials, finished goods, food, medical supplies, and more. The type of load that a truck carries depends on the industry it is serving and the specific needs of the shipment.
In order to transport loads effectively, it’s important to properly load and secure the cargo on the truck. This includes making sure the load is balanced, using appropriate tying and securing methods, and following any regulations or guidelines set by government agencies or industry groups. Overloading or improperly loading a truck can be dangerous and can result in fines, damage to the load or the truck, or even accidents on the road.
Trucking companies and logistics providers typically specialize in the transportation of specific types of loads, and they may use specialized equipment and techniques to load and transport the cargo safely and efficiently. By using professional loaders, trucking companies can ensure that the loads are properly secured and transported to their destination in a timely and safe manner.

General cargo offers for all types of vehicles for transport. Methods of finding loads for trucks to transport them and earn money.
Types of loads that can take the current autovehicles. All types ads of charges can be published free of charge without charge or small print on our website.
Offers loads for transporters. We ship all types of cargo. Freight exchange plataform europe.
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Freight exchange for transport light loads
We offer the possibility of using our transport platform also to van transporters or other type of light load vehicle. Our offers are available and are adapted to all types of goods and dimensions that can be transported by road. Van transporters you can access to publish the free transport services that can offer with all the necessary details to be contacted by future customers.
Loads FTL means "Full Truck Load" or full loads of the truck that covers the entire truck space.
Loads LTL means "Less Than Truckload" or a partial load of the truck.
You have a ready-to-haul freight. Publish your free freight loads and thousands of haulers will see and find your loads available. Factories, companies, freelancers, individuals or any person who needs to send any kind of merchandise without weight and volume limit, take advantage of our online platform to publish your products or offers of loads to be sent free of charge. The transport companies will see your offers of loads and they will make you the best price proposal to take your load to the final customer. In this way you will get a saving of up to 70% on the standard price of the transport companies. The bidders of loads publishing on our website will obtain a very low price to send the merchandise direct to the final customer. To find loads for internacional trucks, you only have to enter the menu of charges to search for your country zone or loads that you can transport with your truck. To find the right loads for you or your transport companies you can apply the filters available on the web. In this way you can select country city type loads availability price and many other things. The list of charges will be loaded on the page where you can choose yours. To see more details of the cargo offers you simply have to enter the chosen listing ad and the page will load the full details of this type of cargo. To contact the company or the person offering cargo, you must be registered.
Find better price to transport your cargo, best value for freight exchage.
Send urgent and cheap with our system of free publications of national and international shipments.
Search freight for truks full, fractional, consolidated or grouped in categories of general cargo packing. All kinds of materials available so that the truck does not travel empty on your route. Shipping of all types of goods from light transport loads to large loads volume and weight. Offers for transporters or truckers.  
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