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Do you need to move or move an apartment, office, home, business or just your things?
1) How to prepare a mundanza?
Before starting a move of anything, home, office, company, floor before we must find a company dedicated to help move our things in good condition, without breaks and losses. There are companies that collect all our belongings from the site that is located and you leave them in the other location in almost the same areas where they were already placed. These moving companies save us a lot of time since we do not worry about anything, just teach new location and how we want to leave our things in new location. Contrary to the companies that we mentioned, most of us collect our things already put in cardboard boxes for example and they move all the boxes to the recipient with a cheaper price than the first ones. In this case we must worry about looking for boxes to start and dismantle and put in our boxes our smallest objects among others. Well getting to this point we will begin to point out some tricks to make the move faster and tidier. First each box in which we are going to introduce articles we would have to label it by room for example. This way before opening it we already know that it contains and where It will be used. Another trick for orderly and quick moving will be to put another cardboard background in the cardboard boxes because for the weight of glasses for example these could break ... and drop the dishes to name something. put fragile items, porcelain, separate them with threads of paper. Once we have the boxes ready, do not forget at the end to close them well with a seal so as not to enter the dirt inside.The large objects like furniture do not forget to porteger the corners and the crystals of the furniture.
2) Find suitable moving company for your things
Before looking for a moving company we need to know exactly what we need to move, know the measures of objects, dimensions of the doors and stairs to know if they can be taken out there, types of windows and balconies of the house as the height so we know What company can help us in this work. It should be noted that in large cities, relocation of ladders can not be done by the small dimensions of doors and stairs then the removal companies will work with special cranes through the windows of the Housing. Check if the company has the appropriate cranes for the height and type of window you have.
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